I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts…

The paranormal has always held a fascination for me. I was always the weird girl who would check out books on hauntings, cryptozoology, witches, and anything else a curious seven year old could get her hands on. I already believed in ghosts because I had lived in a haunted house.

At one point we, my mother and I, lived with my Grandparents in a nice 50s style ranch home in Heath, Ohio. It was a typical three bedroom one bath house with basement rec room. There were a couple of things that happened in that house. Sometimes late at night a man made of static would come out of my closet and walk toward me across the room. I would cover my face with my blanket, but then I could still feel him staring with his face inches from my covered face. That seriously creeped me out, and it should be said that I was afraid of the dark so there was always a nightlight on in my room, so all of this happened by soft light and not in the dark.

The other thing that happened in that house was that sometimes I would hear an adult (my mother or a grandparent) calling for me, but when I went to them they would say they hadn’t called. Then I knew that my friends were calling me from the basement. The people in the basement were white and they would peek around the corner when someone was coming to see if it was me. They were smaller than the static person, but still had no real features just a basic human form in white. They would play with me in the basement. I remember that, but I cannot remember what I played with them.

So…by the time seven year old me was checking out all the paranormal books from the school library I was pretty old hat with ghosts.

Many years later when talking about that house my mom revealed to me that the couple who had lived in the house before us the husband had been killed in an accident at a local factory. The wife went crazy with grief and had painted nearly the entire interior of the house black. So that when grandma and grandpa moved in they had to work super hard to cover it all with white paint. I feel like some of mg experience in that house was just the remnants of the wife’s grief. I wonder if people still experience things there.

I still believe in ghosts, and I am a witch. I feel like there are still many things in this world that have yet yo be explained and I am open to the possibilities.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever had a ghost encounter?

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