Giving Thanks or 30 Days of Gratitude in One Go

1. Cinnamon…always Cinnamon

2. Laptops and my $4 led keyboard light from Five Below

3. All of them…I love color. More color please!

4. Butternut Squash…It’s like pumpkin potato and can be sweet or savory.

5. Podcasts and Audio Books.

6. Big spooky trees, clearings full of moss and acorns.

7. The memory of baking up a storm with my Grandmother. The memory of making silly ridiculous gingerbread men with my mom and sister. The memory of marrying my amazing husband.

8. Anything and Everything by Terry Pratchett.

9. My home and the Ohio Renaissance Festival my home away from home.

10. The sting of mint.

11. Christmas…and Thanksgiving for the parade!!

12. The feeling of the inside of a new sweatshirt.

13. Creativity, musicality and imagination.

14. The white of a blank page.

15. Autumn 🧡

16. The strength of my legs, the youthfulness of my hands, the beauty of my hair

17. All knowledge is worth having. I hope I never stop learning.

18. The pieces my family and friends have made for me.

19. The feeling when my husband grabs my hand to hold it just cuz.

20. My husband, my mom, my sisters, my family, my friend, the lady gang, the wenches!

21. Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello

22. All the classic fairy tales, especially the dark German ones.

23. Christmas day tacos and margaritas.

24. Working full time, school full time and doing NaNoWriMo.

25. Spending time with Family and Beginning Yule/Christmas Celebrations

26. Writing!

27. My phone…there is a whole world on there.

28. I was acknowledged at work for helping with an issue.

29. My Seth.


30. Singing, though I do not do it much anymore. Writing. Art. Dancing.

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