Betsy White is a writer, blogger and artist living in a big old house in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, a large cat and a small dog. She graduated with a master’s degree in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University in September 2022 . Betsy has had poems published in two anthologies when she was a child, and is lightly embarrassed by them as an adult. You can find her writing on this blog, Iamtheweirdgirl.com as well as on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She is also running a series on TikTok where she is reading her teenage poetry. 

Betsy is a proud member of the International Wenches Guild and has been recently reelected as Madame of Ohio local 73 out of the Ohio Renaissance Festival. She is a member of the Columbus Ohio chapter of the Geek Girls Brunch, and the Columbus Lady Gang. Betsy is also a talented Tarot Reader, an excellent Roller Skater and a prolific reader. You can see or listen her and her friends Jenny and Rebecca talk about horror movies from the silent film era thru 1979 on YouTube Girls, Ghosts, Ghouls Podcast or on the podcatcher of your choice. 

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