Current Obsessions

  1. Halloween Wars: A pumpkin carver, cake artist and sugar artist form teams and work together to create large Halloween displays. Watch it every year.
  2. The International Wenches Guild – I am a member and the Madame of the Ohio Local, and we are well into the season at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. We have walked in the parade, given toasts written by me during pub sing, played a game that people think is really fun, and have signed up a slew of new wenches! Again we are so f**king awesome!
  3. The Masked Singer: This show is dumb, formulaic and ridiculous and I love every second of it.
  4.  Teen Creeps Podcast: Did you grow up reading those teen horror books by R.L.Stein and Christopher Pike? I did, and so did Lindsay and Kelly who read the books that haunted your teenage years and talk about them. Funny, sometimes poignant and always worth listening to. I recommend it highly.
  5. Ghosted by Roz Drezfalez: Do you love Drag Queens? Do you love stories of ghosts and the paranormal? If you answered yes to both these questions this is the podcast for you.