Current Obsessions

  1. Hadestown: This musical is so hauntingly beautiful. It is my number one on the list of things to see once Broadway opens back up. 
  2. The Dresden Files Audiobooks: James (Spike) Marsters brings the novels to life in the best way. A lovely friend (@victoriazigler) reminded me how good they were and I have been enjoying listening to them while working at home. 
  3. The Great Pottery Throw Down: This is a British show that pits expert Potters against each other in a series of challenges from making a tea set to making a Toilet. Generally a fun, relaxing watch. 
  4. Batman: The Animated Series: I watched a couple of episodes when it was on in the 90s, but my husband and I have recently begun watching through it and it is so much better than I remember. 
  5. Steven Universe: Speaking of sleeping on things, I recently started Steven Universe and I have been greatly enjoying it. I can’t wait to get further in.