Current Obsessions

  1. Glam Rock – I have long been a fan of Bowie and T.Rex, but I recently found a Glam Rock station on Pandora and I am madly in love. I am enjoying music by Roxy Music, Slade, Alice Cooper, Mott the Hoople, Suzi Quatro, and on and on. I want all the glitter, platforms and velvet. Velvet Goldmine forever!!
  2. The Devil’s Music with Pleasant Gehman – This podcast features Pleasant who is an original member of the LA punk scene, a musician, a belly dancer, a burlesque dancer, a witch and generally one of the coolest people around as she talks to her friends who are equally interesting and include Belinda Carlisle and Margaret Cho. Super interesting and a great listen.
  3. Moxi Pads – In the search for good pads for roller skating outdoors that would protect me, not break the bank and (and this cannot be stressed enough) fit my legs which are thick these pads did all three. The full set is  $55.00 (which is the price of just a set of 187 knee pads apart) and comes in three adorable colors. I love them!! I got them in the teal and got a pink and teal leopard helmet from them as well. So cute!!
  4. Bailey Sarian – Her Murder, Mystery and Makeup videos on youtube are giving me life right now. I love true crime and makeup so why not blend them.