My Halloween Purchases…so far

I love, love, love shopping during Halloween season! I get some of my best home goods during this time of the year. I haven't gone as crazy in 2020 as I have in past years, but I have still bought some fun things. From Michaels: I bought several pieces from their pastel line to live... Continue Reading →

Countdown To Halloween

I bought a wooden Countdown to Halloween from Michaels, and while I am a little late I finally got it painted and ready to go. Better late than never, right? It began as just a plain brown house with drawers. I painted the house black and the drawers various pastel colors: pink, purple, yellow, green... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Fictional Witches 🧙‍♀️

I love movies, books, and tv shows about witches. They are inaccurate, over the top, hyperbolic, and totally my preferred entertainment. Here is a list of 5 of my favorite fictional witches: 1. Granny Weatherwax - Terry Pratchett wrote his non leader of the witches in discworld to be a complex, nuanced, no nonsense woman... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Blogtober!!

It is that time of year again, my favorite month and the month when I blog everyday. I have no idea what that might involve for 2020, but expect lots of fun fall, Halloween and other such content. Also some poetry, because that is what I am studying currently in school. On a gorgeous Sunday... Continue Reading →

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