Day 10: Pandemic Pen Pals

In the light of social distancing and quarantines I have begun writing letters to many of my friends. Some are prearranged Pandemic Pen Pals and others are just me writing letters to let people know I am thinking of them.

I got an idea that I might want to write letters differently just for fun so one of the ideas I came up with was writing on a library checkout card and pocket. I was able to find some easily and started sending them out today. I am actually quite happy with how they are turning out. Not every letter I send will look like this, but I am absolutely in love with them.


Now I am trying to think of other interesting ways to send/ write letters for my lovely new pen pals. I found some paper I had bought several years ago that is pieces of maps that were misprinted, so I think I may write some on those. I am thinking about playing with some origami stars as well. I have already broken out my various seals for the occasion and my myriad color of pens. Who knew letter writing could be so fun?

I haven’t written this many letters since I was in middle school. I used to write so many letters and lists and intricately folded missives between myself and my friends. I wish I still had them. When I was a teenager in a fit of pique I threw them all away. I regret that now that I am older and would love to remember that awkward girl.

Are you a letter writer? Do you enjoy receiving letters? Were you a crazy teenage letter writer? Can you fold a letter in about a dozen different ways?

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