Skate Party!!

One of the members of my newly created skate group Skate Expectations (Jake) held a public skate party on Saturday in Grandview. My little sister, Traci, came to pick me up and we headed over to skate. We kind of inadvertently matched a little which was funny. Lots of pinks, purples and turquoise for us!

We got to meet members of The Crunch Ramp Supremes who are absolutely bad ass skaters from the area. I am in absolute awe of them, and I am going to be working harder at learning tricks and feeling stronger on my wheels. I joined their group on Meet Up, so I am hoping I can join them occasionally when they go out to skate.

It was Traci’s first time out on her new skates and she took off like she had been skating forever. She fell once, and unfortunately it was on camera, but…still overall a great time.

We skated on and off for about 2 hours before we decided we should call it a night. Jake says he is definitely going to do it again and he asked if I would help with planning which of course I agreed to do. I am super excited to be involved and for the outlet to skate. I had forgotten/ written off how much I love to skate, but getting back out there it is all coming back.

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