Magical Days, Madrigal Nights – Part 2

My husband and I’s 8th wedding anniversary was on the 6th. To celebrate we bought feast tickets to the Magical Days, Madrigal Nights event happening at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. We also decided to indulge and do the Witches of Willy-Nilly Whiskey Tasting.

The Whiskey Tasting was fun and delicious, for $35 per person you get 7 shots of whiskey including a premium shot. The girl seated beside me, Becca, was absolutely adorable and we had a blast toasting and fist bumping our way through the drinks. My favorite was the black barrel, as was Seth’s but there honestly wasn’t a bad one in the mix. The witches sang an amazing conjuration song, and regaled us with whiskey facts as we got drunker and drunker, oops. I gave out several cards for the IWG to fun ladies, and I hope they join us.

We met up with some other wenches after that and walked around to kill time. We got soft serve (with sprinkles), I bought a walking stick/crook, and we had a nice conversation with the glass artists about commissions and cats.

Then we headed back to the feast. While we were waiting I snapped a picture of an adorable gnome and got my photo taken with the witches who I just love!

The feast was delicious, but I forgot to take photos of the food. There was entertainment throughout including the faire’s improv troop made up mayhem, the queen’s choice singers, the witches and the pirates. It was very entertaining, and once the feast was over we headed home.

These Magical Day, Madrigal Night events are not exactly like a ren faire day, but they keep the spirit alive. Huzzah!!

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