Duchess Squad Spooky Basket Exchange – Part One

Sunday was the first annual Meeting of the Duchess Society Spooky Basket Exchange and Luncheon. We met at my friend Susan’s house in our finest Duchess regalia. I had retooled my blonde wig from Saturday into a more Duchess like form. The Lady Penelope Perspicacia Pamplemousse of LaCroix was in her spooky best when she arrived for the party.

After we dined, but before the exchange we had a mini photo shoot in the side yard. We formed a “band” called The Strumpettes. We had too much fun with Snapchat filters. We laughed a lot. Here are some of the fruits of our labor.

The Wayward Duchess, The Cuntess (She named herself I promise), Lady Honoria (Rhymes with Gonorrhea) Teapot and myself had such a lovely time. I will get pictures of my amazing basket to share soon.

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