The Craft…The Witch Movie That Changed My Life

In 1996 when The Craft hit theatres I went to see it with my friend Jerid, and we were afraid we were going to be id’ed because we were not 18 (We were both 15) and it was rated R. It released toward the end of the school year my Freshman year of high school, and by Fall and school starting I was wearing short tartan skirts with chunky shoes and I had bought by first “witchy” book and a copy of The Witches’ Almanac. I would begin calling myself a Wiccan that year, which I later ammended to Eclectic Cottage Witch.

The Craft, which was the story of a group of young women finding their power through witchcraft, and inevitably finding it is not what they thought. With great power comes great responsibility and all that jazz. It also came with a great friendship for a time. I wanted to be one of those girls: beautiful, powerful and just a little fucked up, lol.

Strange Halloween tribute to The Craft featuring my Funko Pops made to filter out a messy background, lol.

This movie shaped little Betsy in a way that I could not begin to explain. I wish I had good pictures of me during this time, but cell phones weren’t a thing yet and we almost never carried cameras. I know I was cute as hell.

I know a sequel to The Craft is set to come out this year, and I am going into it with trepidation and maybe a little hope. I am loving some of the obvious nods to the original film, and I am interested to see how they work Nancy Downs into it based on the trailer.

I love this film with the passion of a 15 year old girl who snuck in to a film about other teen girls coming into their power. That is some powerful shit right there. And honestly I would still dress like that if given the option.

Is there a movie that just hit at the right time for you? What was it?

I drink of my sisters and take into myself…

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