Hallowest 1: District Of Darkness

On Friday Night, we ventured down once more to District West where we passed through the cobwebs and curtain festooned hallways to enter into the haunted world of Hallowest 1: District of Darkness. This show was a coproduction of Virginia West and Krystal Something Something, and as always it did not disappoint. It was 2+ hours of non stop entertainment that ranged from campy to scary to just straight up hysterical.

The opening number featured Virginia, Krystal, and the full cast as Zombies. Riley Poppyseed gave us a magical striptease as a conjure man. Selena T West as the scariest of all horrors, a Karen. Then after being served a PSL by an unsuspecting Barista she evolved into Mega-Karen, complete with onscreen level up graphics. Robyn Daculture was a masked demonic prom queen. Virginia gave us the Kiss of the Spiderwoman. Krystal and Cast were Zombie Strippers to Living Dead Girl.

Bootsy Lefaris, a former protegee of Virginia who was in town to preform in The Sanderson Sister’s: Witch Perfect the following night, sang Sweet Transvestite from Rocky Horror in a guest spot. The absolutely beautiful Bianca Debonair paid tribute to The Bride of Chucky. Amanda Sue Punchfuck (one of my favorite drag names) was the fly on the VPs head. Virginia West as Nurse Ratched with her cast of nurses and doctors danced through “Blood in the Cut” by k.flay. Followed by Brent Fabian belting out Metallica as Pinhead from Hellraiser.

V. Master Chad rocked their Trick R Treat themed segment. Followed by Terrence Brown as the (Sweet Sugar) Candyman. Krystal Something Something was a murderous teen in a Sleepaway Camp parody. The amazing, but super active so it was hard to get pictures Boyonce led a Sabrina the Teenage Witch piece. Then the W Girls danced their way through Wonderland, but were also difficult to photograph. I did catch a shot of the amazing Maria Hypes as the Red Queen showing off her flexibility. Sexy werewolf Alexander Chang-Reavis rocked out with his pack.

The Bride Virginia and Brent’s Frankenstein Went through some of Streisand’s greatest hits. Brent’s facial expressions were killing me. Krystal got exorcised, and Eris Grey channeled Kathy Bates for an Annie Wilkes piece. The final two Sanderson Sisters closed the show with Tammy Spanx singing “Creep” by Radiohead and Tina Burner, complete with Rhinestone pea soup vomit, preformed an Exorcist based piece.

The quality of the shows by the West Family never ceases to astound and amaze. I cannot wait for the next one!

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