2020 is Finally Over…2021 Has Begun

I have chosen my word of the year for 2021…Badass.

Amazing bracelet I bought from CynicalRedhead on Etsy that says badass.

This came from several instances in the past year when someone referred to me as badass, several of Seth’s coworkers, a random friend, etc. After the third or fourth time I started thinking, hmm…am I a badass. Maybe, but would I like to be more of one, absolutely. So I decided pretty early in 2020 that my word for 2021 will be badass.

Then for a 2020/2021 Tarot Challenge on Instagram by @Lionharts I needed 3 keywords for the challenge, so I added to badass the words transformation/ transformational and revolution/ revolutionary. That is a lot of energy for 2021 but I am liking it. I want this to be a powerful year. I am turning 40 this year. I just started a new job. I am working on finishing my Master’s Degree. I am hoping to write more, skate more, laugh more. This is my year of more. Safely more.

So let’s make 2021 as badass as I am trying to be.

Did you set a word, or intention for 2021? What are you looking for in the coming year?

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