23 Days of Blogging

I am still shopping far too much online. It is an issue and also I feel like I am supporting a lot of independent artists by from etsy and personal websites. I have ordered so many stickers, pins, shirts, bath bombs and other amazing things for myself online. Here are some of my favorites from this week. (Seriously this is just what was delivered this week, except the coffin earrings which are from last week I think.)

Coffin Earrings by Kianayouwanna – These are amazing. You can fill them with anything and wear them. Want Valentine’s Day coffins? Bam. Easter? Bam. How could I resist that? I bought Black Lives Matter pins from Black Cat Insignia. I think it is important to be an ally, and important to support Black Owned businesses while doing so. These pins are super high quality and will live on my two favorite jackets.

I bought some skate stickers, a patch and some sparkly pink razorblade charms for my skates from ProjectPinup. I am planning to fix up an old rusty skate case I own and I want to cover it in skate related stickers, so I have been buying skate stickers like a crazy person. I also bought a cropped sweatshirt from Blood and Thunder that says social distance skating club. I can’t wait to wear it. I love it so much!!

I bought myself some witchy stickers for my skate case and for use in my planner. These adorable holiday stickers from Wise Minerva Studio for Imbolc, Ostara and Beltane. A “Support your local witches” sticker from Moonrise Goods Co. Holographic pentacle stickers from pastelspell which are so rainbow shiny they make me so happy.

I also bought a bunch of bath bombs from my favorite bath bomb company Witch Baby Soap. Honestly I buy from them monthly, but I grabbed a big bunch this month because I was completely out.

Today in the mail I got a fantastic shirt from the company, Out of Print, as well. They released this amazing shirt featuring the Muppets that I can remember being on the wall of the library in my elementary school or our public library when I was little. I had to have it.

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