7 Days of Blogging

Do you share your birthday with anyone famous, or any holidays?

I share mine with several fun celebrities: Billy Crystal, Michael Caine, Quincy Jones, Tamara Tunie, Chris Klein, Stephen Curry and Simone Biles.

Also, Albert Einstein, whom I have an unnatural affection for because of this. It is also Pi Day, which has led me to own/buy many items with a Pi theme. As well as many items with Einstein on them. I have Pi posters, have done 5ks just to get a Pi medal, have Pi clothing and Pi jewelry. I have Einstein posters, bobble head, Pop Figure, books, shirts, socks, postcards, magnets, a little plant pot, jewelry and an action figure.

The Einstein thing happened because of a conversation with a teacher in 7th grade. Him:(looking at calendar) Today is Einstein’s Birthday. Me: It’s my birthday too! Him: So that’s what’s wrong with you? Me: ??? Thanks? Him: (shrugs, laughing) You know what I mean Me: (Laughs) Yeah…

Does anyone else do this? Become obsessed with things because of loose associations? Just curious.

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