Late Night Camp

Saturday night, after CFO, I met up with my fellow Girls, Ghosts, Ghouls ladies, Jenny and Rebecca, to go to a late night showing of the 1980’s cult slasher film, Sleepaway Camp which was followed by a live Q&A with Felissa Rose who starred as Angela in the film.

Studio 35 is an amazing local privately owned movie theatre that also houses a bar and a pizza shop. They had a special drink menu for the event that included the Don’t Drown and the Camp Arawak. There were more, but I forgot to take a picture of the menu and can only remember the one’s I ordered. We shared a pizza called PELE’S CURSE which has a GARLIC EVOO base, house cheese, capicola ham, pineapple, ricotta, almonds, cinnamon. It might not have been my first choice but it was very good. We also shared a loaded popcorn that included reese’s pieces and m&ms. I bought myself a box of sweettarts.

I was familiar with Sleepaway Camp, but had never seen it. I had an idea what the twist was, but had no idea how it played out in the film. The film is ridiculous, overacted, campy, and so much fun. I was not expecting the ending in any way, which made it almost more fun. Felissa Rose came out before the film to introduce it and give some fun little tidbits of info. She also found a member of the audience who knew absolutely nothing about the film, so she came back before the end of the film to watch his face as he saw the ending. After the film she did a Q&A which was great; she was open, warm and very funny. And she obviously has a lot of affection for the film that began her career. It was a great night and I am so glad Jenny suggested we go.

Speaking of Ghosts, Girls, Ghouls a new episode should be dropping this week. Find us by searching for ZTOTV on your favorite podcast service.

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