21 Days of Blogging

I am working on a new list of things I want to do when the world goes back to normal. Visit NYCSee Hadestown on BroadwayVisit the Museum of Moving ImageVisit NashvilleVisit Philadelphia with TraciVisit Mutter MuseumVisit DCVisit SmithsonianGo to the Bristol Renaissance FestivalGo to St Louis Renaissance Festival Go to Sterling Renaissance Festival Go to... Continue Reading →

My Halloween Purchases…so far

I love, love, love shopping during Halloween season! I get some of my best home goods during this time of the year. I haven't gone as crazy in 2020 as I have in past years, but I have still bought some fun things. From Michaels: I bought several pieces from their pastel line to live... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Fictional Witches 🧙‍♀️

I love movies, books, and tv shows about witches. They are inaccurate, over the top, hyperbolic, and totally my preferred entertainment. Here is a list of 5 of my favorite fictional witches: 1. Granny Weatherwax - Terry Pratchett wrote his non leader of the witches in discworld to be a complex, nuanced, no nonsense woman... Continue Reading →

October 2 – Outfit of the Day

My mom, sister and I are headed to the new District West nightclub to see Double Take starring Krystal Something Something, one of my favorite Columbus drag queens. As such I am fancy as fuck tonight! So I thought I would share what I am wearing. My dress is bodycon from Forever 21 a couple... Continue Reading →

It Should be Opening Day…

If the world was as it should be today would be the opening day of the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Seth and I would be making our first wander around the grounds saying our hellos to our Rennie family. We would have gotten there early in order to finish dressing in the parking lot, and would... Continue Reading →

Headstones and Hitchcock

.A couple of weeks ago, Seth and I set off to explore Green Lawn Cemetery. Green Lawn is a large historical cemetery in Columbus.There are a number of "famous" Columbus figures buried within the cemetery and the abbey. I am a huge fan of walking in cemeteries, and this one was beautiful to visit. The... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Holiday Movie

I love those insane holiday movies produced by Hallmark, Freeform, Netflix and others. They make me laugh and occassionally cry, and they always have a happy ending. What makes them great is that you can absolutely see where the story is going in the first five or ten minutes and then you can just sit... Continue Reading →

What I love most about October

It's finally here! October is my favorite month. I got married in October, the sixth to be exact. October houses my absolute favorite holiday Halloween. The weather, usually, begins to get cooler and the leaves in ohio change to the golds, reds and oranges of autumn. Pumpkins, apples, apple cider, candy corn (I am pro... Continue Reading →

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