How to Write a Holiday Movie

I love those insane holiday movies produced by Hallmark, Freeform, Netflix and others. They make me laugh and occassionally cry, and they always have a happy ending. What makes them great is that you can absolutely see where the story is going in the first five or ten minutes and then you can just sit back and see how it all unfolds. Sometimes it involves magic, or just the spirit of the holidays, but it is always for the better of the main character. After watching far too many of these films I thought I would lay out a plan so you can write your own.

  1. Start with a girl who is from the city or from the country and is disillussioned with life/over worked/ having a crisis.
  2. For some reason she has to go to the city or country for work/family/something else.
  3. She meets a guy. He might be her ex. They might not like each other at first.
  4. She has to do something christmassy against her will and ends up working with that guy.
  5. They are falling in love but resisting it, or there is something working against them.
  6. Everything comes together in the end on Christmas/ Christmas Eve.

That’s the basics. Now write your own and sell it to netflix.