24 Days of Blogging

I have been making collages and mixed media art since I was really young. I have several large collage pieces up around the house. I also use collage work as witchy work making vision boards/ spell boards. One of my old favorite papers to use for batsh#t crazy headlines and photos was Weekly World News.... Continue Reading →

On The Second Day of Blogmas:

What is your strangest Holiday tradition? Mine is that for the last several years (I seriously don't know how many.) I have been carving stamps to print my own holiday cards. I can remember doing a Yule Log, Snowflakes, Ornaments, Cookies, Mistletoe and I am sure there are a couple more. I try not to... Continue Reading →

Countdown To Halloween

I bought a wooden Countdown to Halloween from Michaels, and while I am a little late I finally got it painted and ready to go. Better late than never, right? It began as just a plain brown house with drawers. I painted the house black and the drawers various pastel colors: pink, purple, yellow, green... Continue Reading →

Art, crafts and other creations

I had the day off to allow for our plumber to come and replace our vanity in the upstairs bathroom, so I got a little crafty. I had some charms that I had bought to make myself a charm bracelet and I finally took the time to put it together. The charms were tiny tea... Continue Reading →

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