Anniversary Thoughts – Seven Year Itch?

Today is the seventh anniversary of the day I married the best man I have ever met. Seth and I have gone on a great many adventures together in our seven years of marriage (and five years of dating before that) and we will be on many, many more. I cannot imagine my life without him in it. I am beyond blessed and so grateful to have him in my life. Thank you, Seth, for teaching me, making me laugh, loving me so much and for catching me when I fall. My heart is yours for always.


Our wedding was a supremely personalized and hand made event and I loved every piece of it. My mother was our officiant and made my jacket, the vests for the guys and the skirt for my niece. Our friend Cliff made the steps leading to the front of the stage and our “cake topper” which was a diorama of Seth and I in our wedding clothes fighting zombies encased in a lovely dragon skin box, with lights. My sister-in-law baked all of our cupcakes and helped with general wedding crafting. My mother-in-law helped us with crafting. My sister helped us with crafting. I made the bouquets and the boutonnieres, designed the programs, etc. Seth made our hand-fasting cord, flowers for the bouquets and our rings out of chain maille plus helping with everything else. Seth and I wrote the ceremony and our vows. It takes an army to create a wedding as beautiful as ours, and we were blessed to have some of the best people involved.

Photos are all by Capture Life Photography

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