Writing Challenge – Day 10

Day 10: Write about something for which you feel strongly.

There are numerous issues on which I have strong feelings, therefore I could go on and on about a variety of issues. I am not going to to that though, and instead I am going to focus on a single issue which I find important.

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I am a feminist. I believe that there is long-standing and perpetual misogyny in this world, and in this country, and it is beyond time for this to stop. I believe that this misogyny is not only detrimental for women, but also for men who are also being held to ridiculous gender roles and expectations. I believe that women of equal qualification and job title should be paid equally to their male counterparts. I believe that women should be trusted to make decisions regarding their own health; ie: in order to get my tubes tied to prevent pregnancy I need my husband’s permission. I believe that women can be anything they want from President to housewife as long as it is what she wants! I do not believe that a woman has to be a mother to be complete (I am proudly childfree). I believe that a woman should be able to wear anything she wants, drink as much as she wants, and go where she wants without the threat of being raped at any moment.

There is so much more, and I have no doubt that this topic will come up again on this post, but I think this is enough of me for now.

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  1. My story characters have a tendency to be female. Personally, feminism is necessary, but I think humans are too…….arrogant, too “speciesist,” maybe environmentalism or “holism” are things I feel most strongly about.


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