Magickal Monday (okay Tuesday) – New Moon

Happy New Moon! It is a monthly time of beginnings. Anything new with you? Any plans up your sleeves? Now is the time to get started. 

In light of the full moon I decided to play with my cards a bit. First I asked for a focus from the Halloween Oracle. I received: 

Werewolf is about exploring your wild side. Maybe it is time to return to nature, or to do something crazy, like how at the Moon. Basically it is about allowing yourself to be more free than may be normal for you. Embrace the more animal side of your nature. 

I also pulled for a new moon spread I found on Pinterest using the Deviant Moon Tarot.

My pull looked like this: 

1) What intentions can I set to strengthen my practice? Eight of Pentacles: It is time to put in some work. Establish a regular practice, even if it is a simple one. Find small rituals that resonate for you. These do not have to be elaborate, they just have to be done.

2) What intentions can I set to strengthen my spirit? XI Strength: You are stronger than you think. You have been told that because you are emotional you are weak. That is not true. Empathy can be a great strength, as can sympathy which is different but important. Build your strengths, and learn how to use them to your benefit. 

3) What intentions can I set to strengthen my creativity? Ace of Wands: Create! Don’t think about it, don’t plan it, don’t procrastinate! Just buckle down and make things, write things, paint things, etc. Creativity builds on itself, and soon you will find it burgeoning. 

4) What intentions can I set to nurture my relationships? IX The Hermit: Be sure to take time for yourself, because that is healthy. Don’t go too far though. Escape is good, but don’t go into hiding. 

5) What intentions can I set to inspire others? Five of Wands: Be the calm voice in the chaos. Diplomacy is a gift, so use it to be a bridge. 

6) What intentions can I set to broaden my compassion? Seven of Wands: People are feeling lost and confused, and you know this feeling, so reach out. Be the light for others. Be compassion. Help. 
In my witchy world I officially bought our passes to Earth Warriors Festival. If you have never been to the festival it is a multi-path pagan festival that is housed at Camp Graham in Clarksville, OH. It is truly one of the most open festivals I have ever attended. I could not recommend it more. And this year is the 10 year anniversary, so the festival is bringing in even more authors, teachers and musicians. 



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