Talk Derby to Me: First Bout of 2019

I love Roller Derby. I love the action, the chaos and the roller skates. I love the fun names and the amazing athleticism. And while my personal roller girl dreams may have been thwarted I will always be ready to go out and support my local roller derby team.

Saturday in the Ohio building at the Ohio State Fair Grounds Ohio Roller Derby All Stars and Gang Green took on Toronto Roller Derby in a double header bout. First bout was the All Stars versus the Toronto A Team. This bout was a roller coaster. The teams were very evenly matched and the lead kept moving between them. The absolute MVP for OHRD was Catch Mikatchu, a diminutive skater whose ability to pivot on a toe stop was masterful. Mikatchu could also push a trio of Toronto players several feet in order to find a way around them. Absolutely amazing, and lead to an OHRD victory for the first bout.

Bout number two was not quite as close. The Toronto B Team’s defense was a little too much for Gang Green. It was obvious that the skaters for Gang Green were beginning to get frustrated which led to them committing a significant number of penalties. Toronto would take the win on that bout.

The half time of both bouts was filled with exhibitions by the Columbus Saber Academy. Seth wants a light saber pike, and I don’t exactly blame him.

For more on Ohio Roller Derby click here. For more on Toronto Roller Derby click here.  For more on  Flat Track Roller Derby click here.

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