Miss Creant Only Wants World Peace.

This weekend I went out on the town with The Lady Gang for Pageant Night, a creation of my awesome friend Susan because I took her to a store in my hometown and she purchased her very first tiara. (Every woman should own at least one tiara.) We all wore tiaras, some form of “pageant” dress and made ourselves pageant sashes with names like Miss Creant (mine), Ms Aligned (my sister), Miss Chevious (Kristan), Miss Adventure (Mary), Miss Articulate (Dorothy) and Miss Behavin’ (Susan). Then we called an uber and headed to one of our favorite Columbus bars, The Light of Seven Matchsticks.




The Light of Seven Matchsticks is a speakeasy style bar underneath a Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza. It is dark and moody. The menus are housed inside of books (Ours were I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, Huckleberry Finn and a third that I just cannot remember. The cocktails are modern twists on old classics. The food is delicious. There are strange decorations and the booth area we were in had a mail slot to put your order, written on a library checkout card, through and a little door where drinks and baked goat cheese are passed through.


We moved on by another Uber to Two Truths, another favorite Columbus bar, where the absolutely charming bartender created for us more delicious cocktails. I got my personal favorite the Local Socialist. And tried a new cocktail, Summoning Solstice, because it involved setting things on fire and I was very intrigued. They were both absolutely delicious. I also realized that one of the bartenders was a belly dancer I have seen dance (Karen), so I spent a bit of time drunkenly praising her which she gracefully accepted and absolutely deserved.



We walked to two more balls, that were okay but nothing special. We had some lightly out of focus photos taken by some lovely lightly drunk women who were impressed by our finery. We were treated to shots by a young woman whom one of us convinced that we were all brides to be. Then we grabbed another Uber to take us back to Susan’s where we ordered pizza and snuggled puppies before heading home.



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