The Comedy Brilliance of What We Do In The Shadows

In 2014 when a comedy film about a group of vampires sharing a home in the modern world was released I watched it eagerly having no idea what to expect. What I got was one of the funniest films I had ever seen. The film addressed how awkward it would be for them to fit in the modern world, how hard it can be to seduce a victim, and even the reason they always prey on virgins. Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement lead an amazing cast who grasp the concept with such sincerity that the ridiculousness of the characters is tempered. It quickly became one of my favorite films.


Imagine then my excitement when it was announced that a TV series based on the films would be coming to FX. My excitement built as I found out that they had cast Matt Berry for the series. I had watched the series Toast of London on Netflix and kind of fallen in love with Matt. He can do bombastic and pompous better than possibly anyone. The very idea of him made me excited even as I was disappointed that Taika and Jemaine would not be returning.

The series would prove to be just as funny as the film, and keeps much of the aesthetic that this is a reality show about Vampires being followed by a film crew. The vampires in question are quite old, and slightly complacent, and not altogether very threatening. In the series we are following the married vampires Lazslo and Nadja, Nandor and his familiar Guillermo, and their roommate Colin Robinson who is a psychic vampire who feeds on people by sucking their energy away by being incredibly boring. Guillermo is hoping that Nandor will eventually make him a vampire. Nadja, who is played wonderfully by the gorgeous Natasia Demetriou, can play exasperated with fangs with a passion rarely seen.


I want so badly to spoil a particular episode which involves the vampire council, but I won’t. Watch it, and then message me to discuss.

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