The Strangest Things in Stranger Things

I am an absolute sucker for nostalgia. As a child of the 80’s there have been numerous shows and movies that have played right to that place in my heart. The one that has done so the most successfully and completely is Stranger Things. My husband and I binge watched season three this weekend, and I was hit straight in the face with the mother of all nostalgia bombs. From the familiar feeling of the mall to the outrageously wonderful tackiness of the clothing I am ready to go back in time.

This is not my first bout with eighties nostalgia, and in fact I have been suffering from the affliction for a couple of years. It honestly began with netflix whose numerous 80s based shows (Stranger Things, GLOW, etc.) led to me binging so many 80s movies it is ridiculous and to listening to 80s music. Since the great 80s uprising in my head I have invested in records by Cyndi Lauper, Thompson Twins, and the complete works of Devo. I have also purchased many an 80s film,  some even on VHS.

So…Here are some of my favorite 80s things that I would like to revive in my world thanks to nostalgia.

  1. Bathing Suits – The mom’s at the pool left me craving a classic 80s bathing suit.


2. Clothing with Designs – Strong Bold Designs.

3. Eighties Hair and Makeup – I need a crimper so badly.

4. My favorite 80s things, pure nostalgia.


Are you a child of the eighties? Are you nostaglic? Where would you go back to in time?

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