Elvira, A Love Letter to the Mistress of the Dark.


I do not, in fact, remember the first time I ever saw you. I suspect it was watching the movie Elvira, Mistress of the Dark at an age that was far too young. It could also have been  when you hosted a horror movie late at night, or a guest spot on a show. What I do know is that immediately you had an effect on me. You were beautiful, and funny, and macabre which was not a common combination in the world. In coming years we would have Morticia Addams as played by Angelica Houston and Wednesday by Christina Ricci, but in the late 80s there was only one prime time ghoul for future goth girls to emulate and it was you.

To this day you remain a treasure to me. Your campy, spooky sensibility never ceases to make me laugh. Your sexy to the point of hyperbole clothing is witchy clothing goals. Your bad ass never give a crap what people think attitude is something I aspire to.

Though you had a competition once to find a replacement, I knew there was just no way to find someone who could so perfectly embody all the heart, innuendo and horror you imbue Elvira with.

Please keep being you, and your alter ego, for as long as it is fun to do so. I will be right here cheering you on from Columbus, Ohio.

Unpleasant Dreams,



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