Bucket List For the Rest of 2019

This is the list of things I would like to do before the end of 2019. Some of these may seem easy, but have issues associated. Many involve a lot of moving parts, so that makes them challenging. Let’s see how many I cross off. I will revisit as I get things done.

  • Wench photo with the Queen!
  • Get my major changed to creative Writing.
  • Attend both days the last weekend of Ohio Renaissance Festival
  • Finish Blogtober strong (I get a book if I do)
  • Rennie outing to Book Loft?
  • Participate and succeed in NaNoWriMo (Are you participating? Link me BetsySnowWhite)
  • Photo with Krampus!
  • Photo with Santa and the Wenches
  • Wench invasion of Columbus and Cincinnati Zoo.
  • Set up Christmas trees.
  • Christmas Party
  • Roaring 20s New Year Party

I think that is it…though I may add and subtract things as I go along.

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