Witch Baby Soap and My Favorite Bath Bombs

I am a pisces and my watery nature makes it so I love to take baths. I would take one every day if I could. And in those baths I love to use bath bombs. I am particularly fond of the bath bombs from Witch Baby Soaps. My personal favorite is the psychic which has a chunk of amethyst inside. I also love the Rune bath bomb which has a stone rune inside and comes with a list to tell you what your rune means. I recently bought the autumn spell box which came with a bar of soap, three bath bombs (one for each of the full moons in fall), a body scrub, a pretty wooden spoon with moon phases burnt on it and an apron with their tagline “Get Naked. Do Witchcraft” on it. I love very piece. I have recently tried most of their Halloween bombs and recommend them highly as well. Here are some photos of bath bombs in use.

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