16 Days of Blogging

Today we headed to Polaris Fashion Place, which is a giant mall in Columbus, to stalk our favorite soap makers and buy more of their amazing soaps. We have been almost exclusively using Elder Forest Soaps for at least 5 years but more than likely more than that. We met them at the Ashville Viking... Continue Reading →

Buffy, Vampires and Me.

January 19th was the 40th birthday of Buffy Sommers, the titular heroine of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was someone who was an on and off Buffy watcher when it was on, because sometimes I had plays and such that made it so I couldn't watch and this was before watch later options (I am... Continue Reading →

Did I Need a Skull Tiara?

The answer to this query is no. Did I buy a skull tiara? You know full well I did. Is it blingy to hell and covered in clear gemstones? Yep. Was it less that $30? It was...which is why I just couldn't resist. Me wearing a tiara made up of a series of small skulls.... Continue Reading →

Holy Sh#T! It’s July!

How did this happen? How is the year halfway over? I have no idea but it is. I am that much closer to Forty, OMG! I am not overly worried about turning forty, but there are certain things I would like to do before that birthday hits. I would like to get closer to my... Continue Reading →

Rainy Day Musical Round Up

I am a Musical Junkie! I love them so much. On rainy days I often listen to Musicals to cheer me up and wake me up. Here are some of my favorite musicals in no specific order. Some I love for the music, some for the production. Some I have seen performed, and some I... Continue Reading →

Do you D&D?

Among my myriad of side quests I indulge in on a regular basis one of them is playing tabletop role-playing games and especially playing Dungeons and Dragons. I began playing in my mid to late twenties (so 2005-2006 ish) with my future brother and sister in law. They gladly began running a campaign when I... Continue Reading →

Velvet Goldmine

I love the clothing of fall. I love sweaters and hoodies. I love layers. And above all else I love velvet. In all its forms, in every color, I love velvet. I honestly wear it all year long, but it is more available in fall and I love every bit of it. I have velvet... Continue Reading →

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