Isolation Chronicles: List Making

Is anyone else making strange lists of things they want to do once the social isolation is over? Here are some of the strange lists I have found myself making in my head as the days move on.

Songs I want to sing in Karaoke once I can: The Warrior by Scandal, Heartbreaker by Pat Benetar, Kiss me Deadly by Lita Ford, Man in the Box by Alice in Chains, Call Me by Blondie, Rock Lobster by The B-52s…

This list is odd for a couple of reasons: one, while I love Karaoke I almost never go out to do it, and two while I love Karaoke I almost never go out to do it. So why am I suddenly curating lists of potential songs? I am guessing it is mostly because I no longer have the option and I hate that.

I also have been making lists of places nearby that I will visit as soon as the option arises. I want to go to: The Columbus Museum of Art, The Book Loft, The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum (which I have never visited), Otherworld, The Perkins Observatory,  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland…

If I were to visit your area what is the list of places I should visit? Are there places near you that you have never visited that you would like to?

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