Isolation Chronicles: List Making

Is anyone else making strange lists of things they want to do once the social isolation is over? Here are some of the strange lists I have found myself making in my head as the days move on.

Songs I want to sing in Karaoke once I can: The Warrior by Scandal, Heartbreaker by Pat Benetar, Kiss me Deadly by Lita Ford, Man in the Box by Alice in Chains, Call Me by Blondie, Rock Lobster by The B-52s…

This list is odd for a couple of reasons: one, while I love Karaoke I almost never go out to do it, and two while I love Karaoke I almost never go out to do it. So why am I suddenly curating lists of potential songs? I am guessing it is mostly because I no longer have the option and I hate that.

I also have been making lists of places nearby that I will visit as soon as the option arises. I want to go to: The Columbus Museum of Art, The Book Loft, The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum (which I have never visited), Otherworld, The Perkins Observatory,  Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland…

If I were to visit your area what is the list of places I should visit? Are there places near you that you have never visited that you would like to?

6 thoughts on “Isolation Chronicles: List Making

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  1. If you’re interested in history, there’s a lot of places you should visit in my area, especially if you’re interested in the Battle of Hastings. If you aren’t then there’s not a lot to see. Although, you’d love our anual pirate event (which is cancelled for this year, unfortunately). It happens in July, and we currently hold the world record for the most people dressed as pirates in one place.

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