Isolation Chronicles: Making Moves Toward the Future

Last week I had a phone call meeting with the lovely and amazing Joanna DeVoe that I was lucky enough to win earlier in the month. We talked about ideas that I have been having and how to make them happen, developing my “brand” and how to find my tribe. It was enlightening, inspiring and kicked my creativity into high gear. I have so many thoughts and ideas percolating. I feel like I won so much more than just a phone call. Joanna is the bizwitch supreme and she gave me so much in an hour.

Then last Wednesday I got a job notification on Linkdin that a position opened at my company that would use my degree and be an amazing move for me. I applied on Thursday and today I had a first call with a recruiter. This position would be an amazing move for my career and for me in general, so I am really excited to see where this goes.

It is crazy how much I have moving and happening during a time when it seems like there is “nothing” happening. I have also hosted zoom meetings, played online D&D and watched far too much drag race.

I am still letter writing as well and I am going to show off some of the gorgeous wax seals I sent out today. I am so happy with the marbling I achieved on these.


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