Isolation Chronicles: Support Your Local Businesses

I had posted earlier in the Isolation that I purchased a mystery book box from one of my favorite local bookshops The Book Loft. Since that purchase I have been trying very hard to support other local and small businesses in any way I can. Whether that is ordering food, buying products, or just providing support. Here are some of my favorite shops, stores that I could not recommend more.

  1. Elder Forest Soap – I call Katie and Nathan our soap people. Seth and I have almost exclusively used their soaps for the last several years. We have stalked them in a friendly “man I need soap” way to many a festival, and we think of them as friends. I also swear by their pain balm, their salves and their natural deodorant. Recommended soap scents: Rosemary, Patchouli Spice, Sandalwood Rose and Woodland.
  2. Brother’s Drake Meadery – One of the first local meaderies to open in Columbus Ohio. They make amazing meads and if you are local and no longer in lockdown you can take an awesome tour with them. They are also delivering locally and nationwide. Recommended meads: Strongarm and Battleaxe
  3. Blonde Swan Hats – I have owned many Blonde Swan hats in my life and I love them. Blonde Swan is based out of Northern Ohio and they make absolutely amazing leather and suede hats. I ordered a new hat for Ren Faire and an amazing feather piece to wear on it in the last week. My wedding hat was a Blonde Swan that cost more than my actual dress, lol. Seth’s wedding hat was also a Blonde swan. If you like Blonde Swan on facebook she is offering some amazing deals as Warehouse Wednesday too. Recommended Buys: Any and all Witch hats!
  4. Prologue Bookshop – Prologue is another amazing local bookstore in Columbus. I am a member of their LGBTQ+Allies book club, and I have been buying my books for that directly from them to support them because I have the funds available to do so.  This book club reads books written by LGBTQ authors and is a wonderful open group.
  5. Zen Bee Meadery – Yep, another meadery. I love mead. Zen Bee is a smaller part time local meadery that creates delicious session meads, which means they are lower ABV than some other meads. They are delicious and easy to drink. Recommended Meads: Braspberry, Karma Apple
  6. Witch Baby Soap – This is my favorite place to get bath bombs. They smell amazing, sometimes they have crystals and stones in them, and they are totally witchy. They offer quarterly spell boxes which give you one bomb a month for the quarter, plus soaps and extras. Recommended: Psychic Bath Bomb, Rune Stone Bath Bomb. and the Astrological Cake Bath Bombs.

These are some of my favorite local/small businesses. Do you have some you are supporting right now? Share with me so I can check them out.


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