You Pin Me Right Round, Baby…

So…I have a minor obsession with pins (enamel, lapel, “buttons”). This has been going on for years (20+) and I have a startlingly large collection of these pins including a jar full in my craft room that I am planning to use in some kind of project. Part of this obsession is the fact that you can find them many places and they are fairly inexpensive souvenirs. Thus began my “collection”.

I have two jackets that are my favorites to wear and they are pretty decked out, so I thought I would give you a “tour” of my favorite jackets and the pins that currently live on them. These will undoubtedly change, but this is their current iteration.

My leather jacket: Several years ago I told my husband that I wanted a motorcycle jacket. For Christmas he surprised me with this amazing lined buffalo leather jacket from Angry, Young and Poor. I was instantly in love. I decided that only black, white and metal tone pins would live on it. A couple of the pins on here are new, and larger than I anticipated so I am not sure they will stay on here, but they are here for now.

My jean jacket: I bought this jacket a couple of year ago at a thrift store for maybe $9. It is lined and has a fleece collar and cuffs. I love it, but the fact that it only has the front breast pockets is annoying. It doesn’t stop me from wearing it constantly so it must not be too much of an issue. I usually also have a large rhinestone skull brooch on this jacket, but I have moved it to a summer vest for a bit. I will post a picture of me in the jacket with the brooch, just to give that visual.

The Skull Brooch…bought from Torso in the Short North here in Columbus.

Do you have a favorite jacket? Do you decorate it within an inch of it’s life like I do? Do you have a minor obsession with pins?

I have actually bought a few more recently (yes I am aware I have a problem) and I will share them in another recent purchase post.

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