A Vanity Makeover

I rehomed a vanity that was my mother’s a couple of years ago after my aunt moved. It has been sitting in my bedroom acting as a catch-all since. I recently decided that I would like to set it up, alongside a nyx travelcase I bought off a local auction site (I got it for about $40 and it retails online for $500. A total steal!), and start getting ready there in the morning.

First step was to paint the vanity. I decided I wanted it to be pink, incredibly pink, so off we went to Lowes to buy paint. I ended up choosing a paint called Flower Power. I got the furniture/cabinet paint because it said there was no need to sand or prime when using it. It did take several coats of paint, but the wood was quite dark, so that is not super surprising. Here are some before shots of the vanity and the top of the stool.

Here is some part of the way shots. This was 1-1.5 coats in.

The final product with Nyx Case set up beside and ready for me to get reasy in the morning! I am so in love with this. I will be adding more decoration, but I am so happy with how this turned out.

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