10 Strange Spooky Facts About Me

  1. I have eight or nine different witch hats. Possibly more.
  2. I collect bones, skulls and such. I even have an alligator skull I inherited.
  3. I was recently told that I have a young boy spirit around me by a friend. It was strange, but cool.
  4. I once hyperventilated so hard at a haunted house when I was 12 that they had to carry me out screaming at the actors to leave me alone.
  5. I have a fluffy black cat named Samhain (Sam for short)
  6. I did my beginner’s acting class actor profile on Bela Lugosi.
  7. I love cemeteries and have considered studying funerary art.
  8. I have had 5 weird bat encounters in my life. (I may tell these stories later.)
  9. When I was little (4-5) I wandered in at just the wrong time on Nightmare on Elm Street, inhaled a nacho and had to be given the Heimlich.
  10. After my Grandmother died she returned to talk to me in a series of dreams, including one where she prepared me to deal with my Grandpa getting ill and having to help him and call an ambulance. It was intense and much appreciated.

What are some spooky facts about you?

13 thoughts on “10 Strange Spooky Facts About Me

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  1. These are some intense facts! I don’t have any cool spooky facts about me. I use to have dreams of my pets and they’d die within a month’s time or so. My ex husband however saw ghosts and refused to associate with them. There was a particular one he’d see any time something bad was about to happen. I’d ask why he didn’t just ask her and he just refused to speak to any of them.

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  2. Ravens talk to me. The desert gives me presents. A black widow moved in and set up her web on my sofa. I dream trivial snippets of the future. Once an alien asked me who I was telepathically and when I responded mentally, I collapsed and woke up the next morning on the floor. It’s my universe and I make the rules.

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      1. Here’s the story: I was a student and lived next to a large hill, where I would hike up to the top and meditate or whatever. One night, I got up to go to the bathroom, and in my head I heard, as if coming out of some metal box, a series of interrogating questions like “how old are you” and “what is your name” and “are you male or female” etc. I responded “what are you?” and got a strange sensation as if of panic. I suddenly felt extremely intoxicated, and regained consciousness on the floor that morning.

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      2. I prefer to be neither good nor bad, to maintain balance in the universe. I saw a bunch of ravens around a sheep carcass in the desert a few days ago.

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  3. Those are really interesting.

    Though I don’t generally find anything to do with death and Halloween all that scary, I’m very afraid of going in graveyards. In my defence it started when I was grabbed by the ankle by a boy from my class when we were doing grave rubbings during a class trip to the local one. I had nightmares for ages afterwards.

    I also had a pet called Samhain once. A black rabbit. I called him Sam for short too.

    Other than that the only one I can think of about me is that I’ve had several ghost encounters, some of which I’m working on putting together a guest post about for someone else’s blog.

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    1. I don’t find them that scary either, but I know a lot of people do. I love that we had similar pet naming ideas. ❤
      I will keep an eye out for the ghost post. I love to hear stories like that.


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