10 Strange Spooky Facts About Me

  1. I have eight or nine different witch hats. Possibly more.
  2. I collect bones, skulls and such. I even have an alligator skull I inherited.
  3. I was recently told that I have a young boy spirit around me by a friend. It was strange, but cool.
  4. I once hyperventilated so hard at a haunted house when I was 12 that they had to carry me out screaming at the actors to leave me alone.
  5. I have a fluffy black cat named Samhain (Sam for short)
  6. I did my beginner’s acting class actor profile on Bela Lugosi.
  7. I love cemeteries and have considered studying funerary art.
  8. I have had 5 weird bat encounters in my life. (I may tell these stories later.)
  9. When I was little (4-5) I wandered in at just the wrong time on Nightmare on Elm Street, inhaled a nacho and had to be given the Heimlich.
  10. After my Grandmother died she returned to talk to me in a series of dreams, including one where she prepared me to deal with my Grandpa getting ill and having to help him and call an ambulance. It was intense and much appreciated.

What are some spooky facts about you?

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