Macabre crush – Vincent Price

I was two when Thriller by Michael Jackson was released. My older sister, Krystie, knew the song terrified little baby me, so she would play it on a loop to keep me out of our shared bedroom. I never knew what it was that scared me so much until I was older and realized that it was Vincent Price’s voiceover.

So…you would think a child who was terrorized by his voice might have grown up to resent the man, but on the contrary I grew up as a great lover of Vincent Price. From his appearances on The Muppet Show to his amazing dark films he is beautiful to me. I have a large pin of him on my Leather Jacket, and honestly I am watching a A Comedy of Terrors as I type this.

Some of my favorite Vincent Price performances are the Edgar Allan Poe based movies from the 50s-60s (House of Usher, Pit and the Pendulum, The Raven, etc.), The Last Man on Earth, and The House on Haunted Hill. I also love the narration he did for the Tim Burton short “Vincent.”

Do you have any strange/macabre crushes? I have a lot honestly.

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  1. Nastassia Kinski and Malcolm McDowell from Cat People (also Simone Simon from the earlier version.) I guess if a “crush” is kind of a romantic attachment, then for me it would have to be females, like Elvira or that clown chick, Loonette, from The Big Comfy Couch (a children’s show I watched with my little boys back in the 90s). If men are allowed, Basil Rathbone and definitely Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. Seriously, I would watch anything with those guys. In anime, there are many, especially Haruko Haruhara (voiced in English by Kari Wahlgren) from the short-lived FLCL series. Recommended for weird girls.

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