Completed: October Things To Do

I successfully completed everything on my October To Do List. It was a wonderful month and I am going into November with new goals and expectations. I decided to do NaNoWriMo but I am doing it differently this year by commiting to a poem a day for the month of November rather than a word count. I will still track on the site, so if you are interested in following along I am BetsySnowWhite.

I have other plans that will solidify over the next couple of days that I will share when they take shape.

Thank you for sharing Blogtober with me!

  • Magical Days, Madrigal Nights – Final Weekend: Wearing my new witch hat and having a blast with my friends.
  • Spooky Basket Exchange #1 – finish up and mail out: I need to finish a craft, box everything up and mail out.
  • Medieval Monster Mash at The Forge: Social distanced and monster themed. Our table is Witch themed. And Jameson’s Folly will be performing.
  • Spooky Basket Exchange – Duchess Edition: The ladies of the Duchess Squad will be exchanging baskets. Mine is purchased but needs assembled.
  • Give out candy for Beggar’s Night – Safely. I will figure it out.
  • Hallowest 1: Virginia West and Krystal Something Something co-writing and starring in the first Halloween performance at District West.
  • 2020 Witch Walk : My friend’s Kristan and Susan created this event a couple of years ago. We meet up at Goodale Park and then walk through the Short North dressed as witches.
  • Lady Gang Halloween at Carol’s: It’s Halloween and the Full Moon. We can’t let this go past without celebration.

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