November Finally Ends…

I had such great hopes for November. I would roller skate. I was going to write a poem a day. I had just started a new job and I was learning my new position well.

And then I was diagnosed with Covid-19. I spent a little over two weeks in quarantine and 10 days in complete isolation. Covid made me so tired some days that I would barely move. I lost and regained my sense of smell and taste. It was an unusual time and other than watching an inordinate amount of tv and movies on my laptop and reading a couple of books I did not accomplish anything during this time. I wrote a couple of poems for school, but none just for me. It was not my most productive time.

And now November is over and December is about to begin. On December 1st I am going to begin Blogmas. I have a couple of weird challenges for December that I am planning to participate in on Instagram and then I want to share the best of December here.

Here’s to a better December than November. See you Dec 1!

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