On The First Day of Blogmas:

Happy December!! The year is almost over. The holidays are upon us. I am looking super festive today while working from home.

Picture of me wearing a green sweater with a red undershirt, a red and green jingle bell headband, christmas tree earrings, green eyeshadow and red lipstick.

It is the first day of Sockmas for me on Instagram so if you are interested you can check out all the socky goodness over there.

Today I wanted to share my Holiday trees for 2020 which went up this past weekend. In my foyer is a 9ft pencil tree with blue and white lights which is holding our “special” ornaments which are a mixture of our collectibles and the various ornaments we have gotten from ugly ornament exchanges over the last couple of years. This year my little sister surprised me with two new Muppet ornaments from Hallmark one of which is from my birth year! (1981)

In the living room is my Pink and Glitter tree, inspired by the song “Pink and Glitter” by Tori Amos. I ordered my incredibly bright pink tree from Michaels. Some of the ornaments I owned and some came from Target. The owl tree topper was found at Joann’s. I am madly in love with this silly tree.

I hope you enjoyed my tree tour! See you tomorrow!

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