28 Days of Blogging

Hello February! In she comes with snow and ice, but that is okay since I barely ever leave the house right now. Imbolc/ Candlemas is upon us to issue in the last bits of Winter before Spring swans in all sun and flowers. If you are so inclined then the Groundhog will determine whether we will have 6 more weeks of Winter. If you are me you are beginning the final countdown to 40 (March 14th) and the anticipation of things to come.

This month in my personal practice I am using Crow Tarot by MJ Cullinane to do the daily, weekly and monthly readings in the Writual Sacred Planner which I bought in order to use my tarot more, and get to know some of the decks I don’t use as often. This deck was a birthday gift from my sister, Traci, a couple of years ago and while I have used it a couple of times this is the first time I am using it regularly. I love crows so this deck is a huge draw for me, and I have no idea why it has taken me this long to get it out to play with it. The visuals are gorgeous. I included some of my pulls from this morning below just to show off the gorgeous imagery.

This month I am co-hosting a podcast, having a wenchy meeting, with luck doing some roller skating, crafting a bit, writing a lot, undertaking a vintage skate case rehab and generally getting things done while mostly staying at home. I am also going to blog every day for the next 28 days because I can.

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