Magic Crabs and Girls, Ghosts, Ghouls

My friend, Jenny, has a podcast with her friend Jean-Paul called WTF Did I Just Watch on Zombie Take Over T.V. A couple of weeks ago she sent me a message asking if I would be interested in doing a guest spot on the podcast to talk about the 1999 Rom-Com Simply Irresistible starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (Yeah, Buffy!!) and Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints and Powder…hmm…). I, of course, said yes and we began to make plans to record a podcast talking about this truly bizarre movie. We will be recording February 12 and it should be a fun conversation if you are interested.

A couple of days after this I got another message from Jenny sent to myself and a couple other women asking if we would be interested in co-hosting a new podcast where we would talk about classic horror movies from the silent age through the 70s. Myself and Rebecca immediately said we would so we began to plot and plan. The result is Girls, Ghosts, Ghouls found for subscription here. We will be talking all things classical spooky like Vincent Price, Universal Horror, Silent Horror, modern remakes, and so much more. We are planning to record monthly and our first episode will be recorded in mid-March. We will also be holding a getting to know you Q&A February 13th on Facebook Live.

I am very excited about this and what else might be coming in the next several months. If any of this sounds interesting to you please check us out.

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