26 Days of Blogging

I am a podcast addict…there I said it aloud and that is the first step. The thing is that I have no intention of not listening to podcasts any time soon. I don’t always learn something from Podcasts, but sometimes I do. I am always entertained, and I am almost always happy that I listened even to a podcast that deals with a serious subject. I am going to list some of my absolute favorites here. Some of these are incredibly popular, some are more independent, and some a relatively unknown but they are all among my favorites.

  • The Smartest Man in the World Podcast: This is the podcast that started me on podcasts. Greg Proops (Whose Line) talks about history, politics, art, literature, baseball and whatever takes him. I think of Greg as my unofficial father and sometimes in times of chaos I want his opinion more than anyone else.
  • My Favorite Murder: Karen and Georgia reignited and reaffirmed my love of true crime. I am still an avid murderino and I am so happy for how prolific they have become.
  • I Hate It but I Love It – Kat Angus and Jocelyn Geddie talk about the movies that they both love and hate. Some absolute stand out episodes are The OA (episode 1 and hysterical), Speed Racer, Jupiter Ascending, Super 8 and the cross overs with Talk From Superheroes (another great podcast) Star Wars Episode 2&3. I also support them on Patreon and it is worth every penny. Kat and Jocelyn live in my head in the best way.
  • The Daily Zeitgeist: This is not your parent’s news show. Jack O’Brien (formerly of Cracked) and Miles Gray host this amazing news podcast that happens every work day. The guests are amazing. It is educational but still funny.
  • Behind The Bastards: Robert Evans and guests lay out the stories behind some of the worst people in history. Things like the author of Hitler’s favorite books. He also has made two special events Behind the Police and Behind the Insurrection that are super informative and a tiny bit depressing.
  • Bananas: Kurt and Scotty go over the strangest and funniest stories in the news. It makes me laugh every single time. This podcast is the best palette cleanser in the world.
  • The Pastie Tapes: I make no secret of the fact that I love burlesque. This podcast hosted by the luscious Siomai Moore is interviews, behind the scenes and just generally great insider burlesque and I love it.
  • Scam Goddess: Laci Mosely is hilarious, ridiculously talented and a total scammer. This podcast will definitely make you laugh.
  • Hippie Witch: Joanna talks all things witchy, biz witchy and law of attraction. She is such an absolute force of nature. I support her on Patreon as well.
  • Ologies: Ask smart people dumb questions. Alie Ward is everyone’s pod dad and learning with her is one of the best things in the world. I have gotten so many people to listen to this podcast.

I also listen to (in not particular order): I Saw What You Did, That’s Messed Up, Crime Junkie, The Murder Squad, Tenfold More Wicked, Skate Date Podcast, Unraveled, The Villain Was Right, Ghosted!, American Shadows, Cabinet of Curiousties, The Bechtel Test, I Said No Gifts, Lady to Lady, True Crime Garage, Cadaver Gals, Teen Creeps, This Might Get Weird, Sinisterhood, Mortified, Lolita, Do You Need a Ride, Talk from Superheroes, All Killa No Filla, Mom’s and Murder, Worst Year Ever, Snap Judgement, The Fall Line, Noble Blood, Lore, Iweigh, The Devil’s Music, Unobscured, Spooked, The Cryptonaturalist, and more.

I told you I have a problem, lol. Any podcast recommendations?

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