How the hell is it already April?

It's April. Crazy. March flew by and I barely noticed. We had my birthday, Seth's birthday, my sister-in-law Niki's birthday. Traci and I went to New Orleans. I got my first dose of the Moderna Vaccine. I made a new friend through roller skating and got to try out my new babies for the first... Continue Reading →

14 Days of Blogging

It's Here!! The podcast I guested on is available to listen to here. It was a super fun and generally a great conversation. So check it out if you want. We are planning another live event for the podcast I will be cohosting Girls, Ghosts, Ghouls. We are going to do a live reading of... Continue Reading →

17 Days of Blogging

Well, I have officially casted my first pod ever, lol. I recorded last night with my friend Jenny and her co-host Jean Paul for their podcast WTF Did I Just Watch? It was an absolute blast. We were discussing 1999s Simply Irresistible starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sean Patrick Flannery. We laughed a lot and... Continue Reading →

26 Days of Blogging

I am a podcast addict...there I said it aloud and that is the first step. The thing is that I have no intention of not listening to podcasts any time soon. I don't always learn something from Podcasts, but sometimes I do. I am always entertained, and I am almost always happy that I listened... Continue Reading →

Spooky Podcasts for the HAlloween Season

I love Podcasts! I am subscribed to so many and everything from True Crime to Education. These are my personal recommendations on the best podcasts to listen to during the Halloween Season. Spooked: This is the 5th season of the Spooked podcast presented by Snap Judgement and WNYC Studios. Host Glynn Washington hosts as guests... Continue Reading →

Writing Challenge – Day 28

Day 28: Post five things that make you laugh-out-loud. I feel like I should add a disclaimer that I am, in fact, a laugher. I laugh a lot, and at seemingly everything. So...almost anything can make me laugh out loud. My husband and I just crack each other up all the time. It is a... Continue Reading →

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