11 Days of Blogging

What’s your sign?

I have mentioned before that I am a pisces, with an aquarius rising and a cancer moon, or what I like to call “I’m an emotional wreck bundle”. I am a collector of Pisces memes, and generally I can find a bit of myself in them, but it is possible I could find bits of myself in any sign. I am emotional, as a pisces is supposed to be emotional. I am prone to escapism, as a pisces is supposed to be. I am a dreamer, as a pisces is supposed to be. I am a bit odd, which could be any of these but it probably the aquarius placement that brings it through. *Shrug*

I just know I enjoy reading about these little insights into who I am that are supposedly written in the stars. I enjoy knowing that some of the scents for pisces are sandalwood and lemon, which are two of my favorite smells. I have no problem being a bit of a stereotype of my horoscope. These are some of my favorite horoscope memes, and such from my phone.

Do you feel like your sign is accurate? Why or why not?

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