10 Days of Blogging

If you could live inside a book, which book would you pick? Which world would you pick? I have a couple that would be on my shortlist of worlds/ books to live in.

1 The Starless Sea – How lovely to live in a subterranean library under the earth. Surrounded by books and cats and readers and words…lovely! The bibliophile in me says yes please.

2 The Night Circus – Another Morgenstern, but as a child I secretly (or not so secretly) wanted to run away and join the circus, and this circus with its black and white color scheme and super magical origin just pulls my soul right in. I would absolutely accept just being a girl who runs a concession stand.

3 Discworld – Specifically, I would want to be one of the witches even though it looks like a lot of hard work. I just love the world that Terry Pratchett created and I would love to be a part of it. I like to think Terry lives there too, so maybe I could finally meet him.

4 Newford – This is the setting for many of the books by Charles De Lint where fairies, old gods and the modern world meet. Would love to have tea with Jilly and meet the Crow Girls. Please?

5 The Hollows Cincinnati/ Chicago in Dresden Files – I am putting these together, because they feel like very similar worlds. This is another set of pretty modern but add magic, urban fantasy wonderland and I would love to live in either one.

When I was younger I might have added Narnia to this list, but it doesn’t seem as great for an adult. Wonderland also might have made the list, but doesn’t appeal as much to me any more. There are other worlds that have lost some shine for me over the years. MiddleEarth I would take only if I got to live in Hobbiton.

I have undoubtedly forgotten some, but this is a good beginning list. How about you? Thoughts?

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