9 Days of Blogging

On Friday I went with my mom and sister to a socially distanced, masked, cash tip free drag show at District West. It was Stadium Virginium X featuring the amazing Virginia West, drag mom to Nina West from RPDR fame. They had an amazing specialty cocktail menu for the occasion and along with the Headliner which is my favorite of theirs generally, I tried a Hollywood Walk of Shame and a Ziggy Starfruit as well as a shot called Pop my Cherry.

Stadium Virginium is a rock show for the most part and this one was not exception. This one featured everything from The Runaways to Hootie and the Blowfish to Gwen Stefani to Meatloaf. I sang so hard I barely had a voice yesterday. It was an amazing show with truly amazing performances. I am always so impressed with the quality of a West Family show.

If you are ever in Columbus, or just feel up to a virtual show check out District West on Facebook. You can stream most of the shows as well. Worth every penny. Always!

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