Tarot Impulse Purchases

I have mentioned before that I am slightly obsessed with/addicted to Tarot and Oracle decks. I have many. I want many more. In the last week I got two Tarot decks and one Oracle deck in the mail. The tarot decks I recently impulse bought from Zulily (they had a collection all about witchy stuff). Seth kickstarted the oracle deck for me pre-pandemic, but then pandemic, so they just finally arrived stateside and were shippable. I am going to make a separate post for the oracle.

So, Tarot Decks: I picked up the Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle and the Tarot of the Divine by Yoshi Yoshitani.

The Tarot of the Divine I was familiar with because a friend, lady gang member, wench Mary bought it and I was enamored, but hadn’t picked up a copy yet. It is “Inspired by deities, folklore, & fairy tales from around the world.” The deck itself has matte, textured cards that are pretty thick but feel nice in the hand. The box is really nice and I think I will use it to store the deck. The book has color photos of each card and explanations of the inspiration behind each card. I haven’t tried reading with it yet, but I really like the vivid imagery and the folklore backgrounds.

I was not super familiar with the Modern Witch Tarot, but I liked the imagery a lot and decided I would pick it up too. I am not sad that I did. It is a deck based on the Smith-Waite deck, but with a wonderfully diverse imagery. The box is really nice for this deck as well. The cards are thick and very glossy which makes them easy to shuffle. This is another deck with vivid colors. And the book is super cute. Again, I haven’t read with it yet, but I am excited to do so.

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