Witches of Legend Oracle

My wonderful husband, Seth, backed a kickstarter for me for the Witches of Legend Oracle by Annabelle Lewis. The art was just so gorgeous that I couldn’t resist. Seth would call me in to show me updates and new cards as they were created, additional tiers that were added, and so much more. The deck was fully funded, starting production and then, Pandemic. After a bunch of delays the decks finally made their way to Annabelle, and then on their way to us.


I am a little excited. Opening the box I saw black tissue paper and a sticker saying Thank you for supporting my small business.

When you opened it up you saw a beautiful black velvet Tarot bag.

Under the Tarot Bag was a Reading Cloth.

Also included was a gorgeous enamel pin of Nyx, prints of Hecate and Medusa, and stickers of Medusa, Hecate’s familiar and The Morrigan.

And, then there is the deck itself. It comes in a nice box, but it is a little big so I will probably use the velvet bag. The book is really nice and has space for adding your own notes for each of the cards. I love it a lot. The deck itself is gorgeous and comprised of 34 cards. The art is ink and watercolor and the palette is primarily monochrome with hints of gold. The deck has beautiful gold edging and feels wonderful in the hand. I am so excited to begin working with it.

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