Fat Wheels: A Fat Babes Club of Columbus Event

On Sunday I wandered down to Mayme Moore Park to attend the first event for the Fat Babes Club of Columbus event, Fat Wheels. It was inspired by the Chubrollz events in CA which provides a safe space for fat skaters, skateboarders, etc. I threw on a white tank top from Blood and Thunder, my black Shells Bells bellbottoms from Moxi and headed out to skate and make some new skate friends.

These ladies put on such amazing, open, welcoming events. I got to chat with a lot of skaters of various levels of experience. And I even got to get an amazing girl, who’s grandmother was a derby skater, onto skates for her first time. Hell Yes! I got no photos at the event because I was having such a great time and socializing.

Elizabeth, Hannah, Jae and Krystal who started the Fat Babes Club are amazing and I can’t wait to see what other events they have in store for us this year, including more Fat Wheels meet ups. The video below is from their instagram and you can see how fun it was.

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