As seen on TikTok

So…I was in a TikTok hole as is wont to happen at least to myself, and a girl popped in with something she had found on another girl’s TikTok. It looked like a book and it was called The UItimate Reading Challenge. Almost immediately I went out to find it and then because I had a gift card I ordered it from Amazon.

I have it in my hot little hands now so…

A book with the title The Ultimate Reading Challenge. Under this it says Complete a Goal, Open an envelope, and reveal your bookish prize.

Inside the “book” is a series of tiny envelopes with reading challenges like:

Read a novella (a short novel typically under 200 pages)

Write a letter to someone who has influenced your reading life. This could be a parent, teacher, author, bookstore owner, or friend. It’s okay to make it anonymous.

Attend an author event, in person or virtually

Listen to a reading themed podcast

Read a book that features an indigenous person

And many more.

I am excited to dive in to this. I have a couple planned out to finish soon so wish me luck.

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